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Local Assemblies!

Join a Local Assembly near you!

To get in touch, click on the Mother Advisor's name.

Don't see an assembly in your area, but would like to? Contact us.

Tuscon Assembly #2

Tuscon, AZ

Mrs. Cheryl Wade, MA

Willcox Assembly #7

Willcox, AZ

Ms. Jessica Mendez, MA

Glendale Assembly #8

Glendale, AZ

Mrs. Cindy Staley, MA

Mesa Assembly #9

Mesa, AZ

Mrs. Anna Delgado, MA

Sunrise Assembly #39

Sierra Vista, AZ

Mrs. Gloria Linden, MA

Fidelity Assembly #46

Lake Havasu City, AZ

Mrs. Alicia Fernandez, MA

Casa Grande Assembly #58

Casa Grande, AZ

Mrs. Rebecca Turner, MA

We are currently working to open an assembly up in Phoenix. Please contact us if you are interested.

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