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Camp Yeibichai, lovingly called Camp Y, is a girl's youth leadership camp founded by the Arizona Rainbow Girls in 1980 located south of Flagstaff.  The dream of Mrs. Gladys Skidmore, Supreme Inspector of Arizona at that time, was to have a place for her Rainbow Girls to visit every year, outside of Grand Assembly, to bond and grow. That dream was brought to life in 1973 by that year's Grand Worthy Advisor, Carolyn York.   An initiative was born in 1973 to create a camp for Arizona Rainbow Girls and with the assistance of Rainbow sisters from across the state they were able to raise money for a camp.  Ground was broken in 1980 to begin construction of the camp. In 1981, with everyone sleeping in tents that year, the first annual leadership training camp was held and Mrs. Skidmore's dream, Camp Yeibichai, was born. Every year since then, you can hear the sounds of Rainbow Girls from across the state undertaking camp adventures, sharing Rainbow adventures, laughing and singing as they roast marshmallows by the fire.  Camp Yeibichai is supported by the Arizona Rainbow Girls Foundation.

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